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Egberto Gismonti & Naná Vasconcelos Duas Vozes [VinylRip] 1985

Egberto Gismonti & Naná Vasconcelos
Duas Vozes [VinylRip]

Egberto Gismonti guitars, piano, flutes, dilruba, voice
Nana Vasconcelos percussion, berimbau, voices

Género: Jazz Instrument

Fecha de edición: 10/11/2008
Grabado en Rainbow Studio, Oslo, en junio de 1984. 
Año original del lanzamiento: 1985
Discográfica: ECM (ECM 1279)

(ECM, el mejor sonido después del silencio)

Ingeniero: Jan Erik Kongshaug
Productora: ECM Manfred Eicher
Tipo grabación: estudio
Formato: Artista / Grupo EAN: 602517799233
Número de catálogo: 1779923

The partnership of Egberto Gismonti and Nana Vasconçelos brought new colours to improvised music on ECM. Sounds of the rainforest are conveyed in Nana’s percussion, and Egberto’s guitar, for all its sophistication, always retained an earthy directness.

Egberto Gismonti chronology

Egberto Gismondi & Hermeto Pascoal (1983)
Duas Vozes (1984)
Trem Caipira (1985)

Listado de Temas:

Cara A

 01 - Aquarela do Brasil - 06:01 min.

 02 - Rio de Janeiro - 06:27 min.

 03 - Tomarapeba - 03:41 min.

 04 - Dançando - 07:52 min.

Cara B

 05 - Fogueira - 05:51 min.

 06 - Bianca - 06:42 min.

 07 - Don Quixote - 07:39 min.

 08 - O Dia, à Noite - 03:52 min.

8 Temas - Tiempo Total: 00:48:05
flac @ 660 - 245,55 MB
Ripeado por: Napi#11

El Cielo Y El Dedo


AllMusic Review by Alvaro Neder

"Aquarela do Brasil," an unofficial anthem of Brazil, may have received literally thousands of different version and interpretations, but even then, Egberto and Brazilian percussionist Naná Vasconcelos (his sole accompanist here) were able to devise an extremely original version, which opens with an unassuming stylized samba introduction, slowly bringing elements which conduce the listener to the piece's identification. Egberto is very fond of percussive attacks and ethereal configurations, both acquiring superior importance in his music, not being necessarily attached to or supportive for a musical theme or melody. Therefore, the next defined melody presented (in the low strings of his 10 string violão) is at track six, "Bianca," which is a complex yet lyrical construction based in which seems a folkloric rhythm motif. Follows "Dom Quixote," another beautiful, lyrical, courageously simple theme delivered at the piano, with Naná's emulating of an African chant and his triangle playing in the forró tradition.

                   Artist                        Credit               

Egberto Gismonti             Arranger, Dilruba, Flute, Guitar, Piano, Vocals, Voices

Naná Vasconcelos                  Arranger, Berimbau, Percussion, Vocals, Voices

Jan Erik Kongshaug Engineer
Jurgen Schonwiese Photography
Barbara Wojirsch Artwork, Cover Design, Design
Manfred Eicher Producer


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Egberto Gismonti & Naná Vasconcelos-1985-Duas Vozes [VinylRip]