30 septiembre 2010

Songs For Travel

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Canciones para que puedas escuchar cuando viajes,
un recopilatorio cualquiera,
sacado en un momento dado,
sin ninguna pretensión,
presentado en 4 volúmenes,
por orden alfabético,
para que puedas, tú mismo, intercambiar ese orden.

Vol. Uno
Albert Cummings - Rumors
Alex Harvey - Hare Krishna & Willie The Pimp
Billy Branch & The Sons Of Blues - Tribute To The Boogie Man
Blues In My Kitchen - Help Me
Elvin Bishop - The Blues Rolls On
Eric Burdon - Love Is For All Time
Hans Theessink - Johnny & The Devil
Jay Jesse Johnson - Blues For The Devil
Luther Allison - Reaching Out
Mandrill - I Refuse To Smile
Mandrill - Lord Of The Golden Baboon
Neil Young - Will To Love
Pavlov's Dog - Julia
Rare Earth - Born To Wander
Zephyr - Sun's A-Risin'

Vol. Dos
Alex Schultz - Big Time
Alice Cooper - Halo Of Files
Barry White - I'm Gonna Love You
Big Baddy Smitty - I Asked For Water
Deep Purple - Strange Kind Of Woman
Fairport Convention - Tragedy Now Strikes Hard
Graham Bond Organisation - Early In The Morning
Grand Funk - Into The Sun (Unreleased Live 1971)
Harnakis - Numb Eyes, The Soul Revelation, Abydos
Herman's Hermits - Theres A Kind Of A Hush
Kevin Ayers - Two Goes Into Four
Larry Taylor - Jody Got You Girl & Gone, Pt. 1
Larry Taylor - Jody Got You Girl & Gone, Pt. 2
Mark-Almond - I'll Be Leaving Son
Michael Powers - Another Man Done
Vaya Con Dios - Just A Friend Of Mine

Vol. Tres
Chieftans - Mo Ghile Mear (Our Hero)
Eric Burdon & The Animals - Hotel Hell
Hair - The Flesh Failures (Let The Sunshine In)
Mark-Almond - Riding Free
Michael Burks - Icepick Through My Heart
Mighty Mo Rodgers - Blues Is My Wailin' Wall
Otis Reding - My Girl
Penguin Cafe Orchestra - Beanfields
Peter Gabriel - Don't Give Up
Premiata Forneria Marconi - Per Un Amico
Purple Image - Living In The Ghetto
Ric Ocasek - Fireball Zone
Santana - Let The Children Play
Solomon Burke - Everybodys Needs Somebody To Love
Steele Dan - Josie
Wilco - Either Way

Vol. Cuatro
Alex Schultz - Done Got Over It
Bothy Band - Pretty Peg, Craig's Pipes
Chieftans - The Rocky Road To Dublin
Eric Burdon & The Animals - Anything
Glenn Schwartz & The All Saved Freak Band - Elder White
Mark-Almond - What A m I Living For
Mar Keys - Philly Dog
Michael Burks - No More Criying
Michael Powers - Successful Son
Neu! - Negativland
Patti Smith - Summer Cannibals
Pentangle - The Trees They Do Grow High
Peter Bardens - Let's Get It On
Simply Red - So Beautiful
Sista Monica - The Sista Don't Play
Vidar Busk & Kid Andersen & Junior Watson - Guitarmageddon